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The Dadabhai Group of companies stands for Quality and Service. Each wing of the Group such as Trading & Contracting, Construction, Real Estate, Elite Luxury Service Apartments, Dadabhai Travel, Hotel Division, etc. is a pioneer in their respective field, as they emphasis in quality and service.

Our executives are regularly geared up with training by reputed international agencies and attending updated seminars organized by reputed local and international organizations.

It is the policy of Dadabhai Construction to provide a comprehensive system of Quality Assurance and Quality Control on all projects, irrespective of size or value.

We, at Dadabhai Construction, are committed to meet the expectations of our clients/customers through systematically designed and managed quality assurance systems with continuous upgradation of technology and value systems. This is achieved through:

  • Planning system for effective implementation.

  • Method statement for each activity.

  • Continuous monitoring and corrections.

  • Strong organizational support through Human Resource Development.

  • Adopting the latest technology and equipment in the construction industry.

  • Uncompromising approach to dedication and commitment towards quality consciousness.

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