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Infrastructure division


Infrastructure works and services works predominantly related to the Building works were forming part the operations of Dadabhai Construction. With the project sizes and number increasing day by day, the Dadabhai Group has recently decided to administer the infrastructure works as a new distinct division under Dadabhai Construction and has set up a team of experienced engineers and highly skilled workforce.

The infrastructure division will deal the projects in the following areas in particular:

  • Construction of motorways, streets, roads, other vehicular and pedestrian ways surface work on streets, roads, highways, bridges or tunnels: asphalt paving of roads;

  • Elevated highways, construction of tunnels

  • Construction of subways

  • Construction of airfield runways

  • Construction of industrial facilities, such as refineries, chemical plants

  • Construction of: waterways, harbor works, pleasure ports (marinas), locks, etc.; dredging of waterways

  • Construction work, other than buildings, such as outdoor sports facilities

  • Landscape and irrigation works

  • Sewerage works, Drainage Works, Water supply works, and all service-related operations.

Our Mission

To continue the growth cycle by identifying every opportunity and implementing it with professional business ethics, integrity, and reliability.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer and leader of commerce and industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and lead the nation by example with a futuristic vision, innovative thinking, and dynamic implementation that delivers excellence at every step forward

Keys to Success

A leading commercial organization in the Kingdom, the Dadabhai Group is present in key sectors in Bahrain's economy, providing quality products and impeccable service. Having achieved many accolades and recognitions towards maintaining business excellence, the group continues its growth in newer areas and opportune sectors. Joining hands in partnership with many organizations, entities, and individuals across the globe, the group always maintains its proficient standards of operation benefitting all entities involved. A responsible and committed corporate citizen, the Dadabhai Group continues its commitment to the Kingdom of Bahrain with social programs and projects as well as providing the local talent pool with rewarding career opportunities. The company aims to capture both public and private sector. The endeavor is to function as the catalyst for the country development by undertaking turnkey solutions to country’s infrastructure planning for 2030.

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